Executive Parking Service is a full service parking management company with offices throughout the Tri-State area.  We have been in business for over the past 25 years.  We now currently operate over 450 parking concessions and our company is expanding tremendously over the next upcoming years.  We have over one-thousand parking attendants currently working and our management staff is skilled in handling any type of parking situation.  We are equipped to deal with all types of parking venues from one attendant to one-hundred attendants.  Valet parking the Executive Way is the best way to provide service.  You will not be dissapointed.  Here are some references, recommendations, and testimonials that you may look at.

There are many benefits when you contract your services to Executive Parking Service.  Our parking personnel are screened, selected, and trained.  Each attendant has to memorize our standard employee manual and then have to pass a written and driving test with a flawless score of 100% to be activated for employment.  We provide state of the art access control equipment, signage, claim checks, and key cabinets with locks.  We are fully licensed and bonded and have the most comprehensive insurance policy in the parking industry, naming your facility as additionally insured on all of our insurance certificates.  Executive Parking Service is known for providing the best available service for private parties, especially weddings for any and all occasions.  Contained within our portfolio are many known restaurants, catering facilities, banquet halls, private caterers, country clubs, hotels, condominiums, shopping centers, malls, medical facilities, hospitals, office buildings, airports, banks, night clubs, fundraisers, event planners, sports stadiums, amphitheaters, universities, etc.

Any type of party possible
 "If you can plan it, we can handle it!"

Executive Parking Service also provides team-directed self-parking attendants, shuttle bus, and limousine services.

We believe that it is important for you to know about the company you may contract with, therefore in this website we would like to tell you who we are, what types of services we offer, and why you should trust us with your parking needs.

Executive Parking Service provides expert design and consultation service under all divisional banners.  We will evaluate your current parking procedures, recommend, and develop a new and more improved system of operation.  We can assist you with the planning and design phases of parking construction and traffic flow.

Executive Parking Service complies with a federal and state laws in all aspects of its business and its operations.  This is most important to you as a procurer of service, in that under certain circumstances, illegal practices by contractor can create significant problems for your organization.

As soon as a customers car is left in our care, we take every precaution to protect that vehicle that we are entrusted to.  Our specially designed key cabinets expedite service and reduce the risk of car theft.  As part of our parking service, we carry the most comprehensive insurance policy - covering liability, property damage, bodily injury, garage-keepers legal liability, and most important is that we list your facility as additionally insured on all of our insurance certificates.

Our standard issue uniforms have won many praises from our clients and the public.

Parking Attendants - White collared button down company shirt (with Executive Parking logo).  Black pressed slacks.  Black footwear. Bow-tie.  Hunter-green vest. Personalized valet name-tag.  Executive Parking company jacket when warranted. Here are some pictures of our upscale attendants.

Doormen - White collared buttondown company shirt (with Executive Parking Logo). Black pressed slacks.  Black footwear.  Black bow-tie.  Black vest.  Personalized doorman name-tag.  Doorman jacket (blazer).

Coatcheck - White collared button down shirt (with Executive Parking logo).  Black pressed slacks.  Black footwear.  Black bow-tie.  Black vest.  Personalized coatcheck name tag.

**** Custom uniforms of any type or color are provided upon request at additional cost. Our uniforms give the impression that your patron or guest is visiting a five star facility! Remember, Executive Parking Service is the first and last impression your patron or guest see's at your facility, and we would like to make a lasting impression.

All employees of Executive Parking Service are fully trained for all types of parking venues.  Our human resources department screens all possible employees for their records and past employment.  Those employees assigned parking positions are familiar with all types of automoblies, and can drive stick-shift vehicles.  Our training program consists of driving tests, written tests, and classroom orientation where each employee is given a parking attendant handbook which they must memorize thoroughly.  Out training staff is very important to our company, because they are the backbone of the company and are professionals in the parking industry.  We also have very strict employee hiring procedures.  Our employees, once again is the backbone of our company and is what makes our company shine.  If we have unsatisfactory employees our business will not succeed.  So these strict employee hiring procedures are extremely important!  All employees must have a valid drivers license, clear DMV record, English language proficiency, successful completion of training program, legal employment status, acknowledgement of receipt of company training manual, to finally join the Executive Parking Service Team.


"We can discuss your particualar parking needs.  We can assure you that your decision to contract with us will result in a long and rewarding relationship.